About Us

Footybunker.com was created in 2010 to provide the latest news and transfer gossip on Premiership football teams and provide updates on sports such as Rugby Union, Rugby League, Cricket, Snooker, Darts and others.

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422 Gower Road
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In early 2011 Footybunker.com began to add more team news regarding those not in the Premiership, beginning to focus on the Championship and League’s One and Two.

We also added our new American Sports sections which focuses on the NBA, MLB, NHL and NFL.

Since June 2011 Footybunker.com has featured on the BBC, The Telegraph, Yardbarker and numerous other respected websites around the world. With sources located around the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and to some extent in Spain we will continue to provide the latest sporting headlines as soon as we know, on top of the latest transfer gossip to filter out of the clubs.

We have numerous sources across the globe and shall only release transfer news, rumours or gossip is we hear the same thing from at least two of our sources.

With football being as it is we may not always be correct, there is always a lot of transfer speculation going around and it can sometimes be difficult to filter out the chinese whispers from what is really happening inside the club.