Chelsea FC expecting Argentine’s arrival

Chelsea FC have made a huge undiclosed bid for Palermo’s attacking midfielder Javier Pastore, practically signalling the end of their quest for Luka Modric.

It is believed that new manager Andre Villas-Boas prefers the Argentine to the Croatian and although sources were unable to give any clues on the amount of the bid, the Italian club itself have suggested they received a €50m bid from a “foreign club” on Tuesday.

Whilst club president Maurizio Zamparini believes the 22 year old to be worth much more the Serie A side are ready to accept which will make Pastore Chelsea’s first major transfer this summer. The deal will also confirm owner Roman Abramovich’s intentions as he looks to buy the best in the hope of winning the Champions League.

With the likes of Alexis Sanchez and Neymar also on the Russian’s wishlist, Chelsea’s spending this summer is very likely to go well past the £100m mark. That excludes the £50m spent on Fernando Torres in January.


14 thoughts on “Chelsea FC expecting Argentine’s arrival

  1. Davenoodles

    Could it be true? Let’s hope so and if it is let’s hope this kid is worth it. Can’t
    imagine we’d be spending £44m on him unles he was worth it but we’ve done it before cough cough torres. Fingers crossed

  2. ggarry

    Hi there,
    I remember when Pastore was at his previous Argentian Club. He was a promising player and Palmero got him for about nine million pounds from memeory. I noticed that a lot of average Italian and Spanish Club’s take what PL Club’s might consider a risk on semi expensive players(unproven is what they like to refer to them as)whereas their English counterparts wouldn’t. Hence you see the likes of Palmero, Udinese, and Athletico Madrid with some very good good player’s early in their career’s and do very well out of them when they move on. As far as their English equivalent’s doing the same you might only have the likes of Aston Villa, Sunderland and perhap’s the old “Newcastle” or “Everton” are prepared to take similar risks. Generally the bottom ten or so club’s are quite Conserative in term’s of their Scouting Network and ambition.

  3. Mike

    I think its a gud move.I just hope its not one of dos mere speculations.Pastore is more than a good alternative in the event that we missed out on Modric.After capturing him,Neymar or Sanchez would fire Chelsea’s morale to go for the Champions League and win it.

  4. Mikey268

    I know it is only rumours but how can this be true? Chelsea are looking to buy about 4-5 players this summer, albeit they will be selling about 4-5 but they will not recoup the money they spend. With the ‘financial fair play’ rule coming in how can Chelsea afford to spend “well past the £100m mark. That excludes the £50m spent on Fernando Torres in January.”????

    Can anyone help me get my head around this please?

  5. Randomer

    This boy is class i wouldnt be surprised if they went 4 modric aswell and that my friend would be a midfield future, with an on form torres being fed passes and crosses from the likes of Neymar (Sanchez barca bound) and the previous 2 you have clocked it with a strong defensive mid essien springs to mind and a strong back 4 433 is the key.

  6. chizo

    i think pastore is too expensive for that amount. Modric is better because is has experience of the premiere league and his is versatile.

  7. theophilus

    he is just a good alternative for spurs sturborness of selling off modric to buy,i think pastore is perfect.

  8. Fog

    big transfers from Seria A always ring alarm bells for me.
    Mutu, Veron, Crespo, Either cant adapt to the pace of the game or are homesick. Can he really be worth 44m?

    I’d rather see Modric. Someone with premier league experience, coming at a cheaper price.


    Van Aanholt
    to feature more.

    That would be enough for the summer

  9. Chelseafanbase

    I just hope d new manager can bench Lamps, i still can’t understand y Carlo played him n all d games wen he was so out of form. Yes he has a good history but the team winning means more. i still can’t forget the last 2 months and carlo choosing 2 play lamps instead of Benayun and i know Mikel can play good in that position not just holding

  10. CheekyMonkey

    DaveNoodles – you spent £31m on Shevchenko and there isn’t a Blues fan on the planet who thinks he was worth it. For the rest of you, Neymar, Pastore and Sanchez will all prefer Italy/Spain to the Premiership so you won’t be getting any of them either.

  11. tom

    alot of these comments arent right. lamps is faithful and is the core. how about the form slump when he didnt play. also the fact of people wanting essien away. for the midfield situation much prefer pastore to modric. think about the link up that boas is thinking. flair and tenacity will win chelosea the flag this year. go away anelka.


    Believe me neither chelsea nor city can get the chance of championship except United. Believe me once again, that’s obvious.

  13. Raulito

    Don’t want this guy at Chelsea >:/. A Argentine has never really done well in England. Can this guy be any different?

  14. dan charis

    I think p. man will do well at chelsea.chelsea forget modric he’s too sluggish for my liking,up blues!!!

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