First Arsenal signing to be revealed Monday

Henry will be unveiled on MondayArsenal will reveal their first signing on January 2nd sources have revealed with the player not new to the surroundings of the Emirates.

Thierry Henry, after what has been a slightly awkward transaction is set to pen a two month deal with Wenger’s side. The Frenchman is seen as a legend at the club and will be welcomed back as cover in the forward role.

Although some do question the period when Henry shall return to America, leaving Arsenal with only Robin van Persie once more, it is believed his re-introduction to the Arsenal side shall only be beneficial for a club that are chasing a Champions League spot with Chelsea and Liverpool.

The deal between the MLS and Arsenal was, we have been informed, slightly tricky due to “insurance requirements” – normally something that would be in small print but important nonetheless – and with the 34 old set to be shown once again in an Arsenal shirt, the feeling around the Emirates stadium will no doubt be full of joy.

Henry has been playing in the United States for New York Redbulls since 2010 where he has knocked in 16 league goals in 37 league appearances.