Ladbrokes Mobile App Offers available for football season

Known as the king of the high street bookmakers, Ladbrokes in recent years have also shown that they can cut the mustard in the online and technological aspect of bookmaking as they recently launched their new Ladbrokes Mobile App on android, ipad and iphone devices.

It seems as though betting has moved into a new era, Ladbrokes have very much moved with it.

The firm known as the “Magic Sign” can boast over 1million customers online and turnover millions of pounds each year via their 2000 shops located on the UK’s high-street. But with the development of technology, betting companies can no longer rely on just making profit from their shops and online department.

The rise of the IPhone and Android phones have opened up a whole new world for gambling companies to take advantage of. Modern mobile phones have the capabilities and requirements to act as a min hand-held computer and because of this the world is at its owners fingertips.

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The gambling industry cottoned onto this method of selling their product very early on. It was a case of when the business world started to acknowledge this new way of marketing, the bookmakers, as always, were one step ahead of the game.

Creating a mobile app that provides punters with an easy to use betting function has revolutionised betting. Punters now have the accessibility to place bets on any sport from around the world at a touch of a button. Gone are the days of having to be near a bookmaker shop to place a bet, the whole world is now literally, just a click away.

The boom of mobile betting has certainly taken off and Ladbrokes is at the heart of it.

The Ladbrokes mobile app, which can be downloaded on iPhone, android, ipad and blackberry platforms, does everything expected of it, and arguably more. This generates the betting experience with Ladbrokes to a new level and they have seen huge amounts of positive feedback from their customers.

The app itself has a very professional feel to it. The homepage is very easy to navigate and the design works very well alongside a very responsive technology base.

The Ladbrokes app is one of the only ones on the market that actually provides 3D sporting images in their design, which gives the all-round feel of the home page and exiting look to it. It is therefore surprising that the functionality and speed of the app works very well as the loading and quality of the images used would usually slow the loading time of markets down.

Along with the actions shots of various sporting images, the design also is very distinctive of the Ladbrokes brand. Granted, it isn’t likely to blow you away but the red colour plays a nice backdrop to the gaming experience. Always when using the app, you are aware that you are betting with Ladbrokes due to the distinctive colour scheme.

The functionality of the app works superbly well and is easy to navigate through various markets on different sports.

Once again, despite the amount of data obviously imported onto the device by the Ladbrokes technology department the app has a real smooth feel to it with the drop down menus and the touch screen menu very alert to your every move. The streaming service provided is also very easy to access but does need a wireless connection rather than 3G to make sure it works at maximum usage.

All in all, the service that the ever efficient Ladbrokes provides through there app will come as no surprise to their huge customer base. As with nearly all aspects of Ladbrokes the app is near faultless and is a pleasure to use.


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