About Tony Alvarez

I am Tony Alvarez one half of the Shouts From The Stands (SFTS) team.

Along with Laurie Fitzgerald we have been running the popular sports debating website www.shoutsfromthestands.com for just under a year, from November to June we were updating daily on all things Football, not only sticking with the mainstream Premier League sides but on all divisions down to the Blue Sq Premier. This also included some interviews with players throughout the Football Leagues feel free to take a look we hope there are many more to come.

Prior to SFTS I graduated from university in Journalism and gained valuable experience working with some of the most famous Sports reporting companies in the World, as permanent jobs in journalism were hard to come by I started SFTS as a tool to get my talents out their and to share my views with the public.

When the amazing team at Footy Bunker gave us the opportunity to merge our project with them we jumped at the chance, its an honour to be writing for a website that is seen nationally and to have so many more viewers reading my views on all things Football.

I am Arsenal mad and am a season ticket holder at the Emirates you may find some Arsenal bias sneaking into my articles but don’t be afraid to tell me if you think I am wrong, I like nothing more than a knowledgeable debate with people who know their stuff.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoy what you read from the SFTS and Footy Bunker team.