Are Everton the unluckiest team in the Premiership?

Everton just seem to be very unlucky for a Premiership side.After another loss to Bolton, are the Toffee’s stuck in a rut of bad luck? Whilst their form hasn’t been abysmal, they seem to be incapable of unlocking their full potential. There is evidence that if they were to become consistent, or get that lucky break, they could be back in familiar territory fighting for a European spot.

For now though they find themselves outside the top half of the table. Looking at the stats, they do not read all that badly, but with 12 draws it is clear to see where they are slipping up. 33 goals in 26 games doesn’t exactly scream Europa League either.

Luck does play a huge part in progress though, look where it has got Manchester United. Five of Everton’s eight losses have been by just one goal. One of the problems they face is when you watch them, it is hard to tell what kind of team they are, and it is almost like they don’t know either.

Like a ridiculous ’fashionable’ haircut, there appears to be six different styles that don’t mix. With Arsenal, you know what to expect, stylish and flamboyant football where long balls are rare. At the other end of the spectrum, Stoke rely heavily on the long ball and Rory Delap’s cannon like throw-ins which works well for their vast height and size in personnel.

With Everton, you can’t pick out the teams main attribute. The majority of their goals come from wide; Leighton Baines and Seamus Coleman have been the stand out performers trying their hardest to put chances on a plate for a very uninspiring strike force. However with a top-class playmaker in Mikel Arteta it makes you think he isn’t being used enough.

This unreliability misses the midfield but comes straight back into play when it comes to the defence. Only keeping two clean sheets in goalless draws and conceding 36 goals in 26 games must leave fans more disgusted than the players walking through Tiger Woods’ arrogantly propelled spit.

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