Arsenal manager backs Olympics

Arsene Wenger has stated that the club are not afraid to spend moneyArsene Wenger has admitted that he will be backing Great Britain to do well at the 2012 Olympics, however feels that player burn-out must be considered.
Next summer is set to be a hectic one for the top of English football, as the European Championships in Poland and Ukraine are followed shortly after by the London Games.

The extremely busy schedule has raised the involvement of players like Jack Wilshere and Theo Walcott, whom both are expected to be competing in each competition, with the European Championships undergoing from June 8th till July 1st, with the Olympics starting on July 25th till August 11th.

Wenger will be supporting Team GB but feels that Stuart Pearce has to consider that some players are more suitable than others.
“I think it’s good if Great Britain does well at the Olympic Games but we have to find a common sensible solution to the use of the players,” he said. “I think it’s important for us as well to have our players when we need them.

“Jack, Theo, Chamberlain, Ramsey, and Gibbs – they can all be involved. But we have to find a solution. I don’t know how we can find a solution in the modern game. Before it was an Under-23 tournament. Now for England it looks as well to be an over-35 tournament!

“Players like Ryan Giggs, certainly, I would be happy that Giggs plays. Not because he plays for Man United but because I think Giggs has never had the chance to play at international top-level tournaments. So for him it would be something fantastic and he’s still good enough to do it.” He added.

Wenger spent a large chunk of his pre-match press conference discussing next summer’s potential problem but he insists he does not want the Olympic football tournament to be scrapped.

“I cannot make this decision,” he said, “I just think there is a conflict between use of the players at the club and for the country.

Wenger concluded with, “And when you speak as a manager of a club people think you are against the country. I am not against the country, I am happy if England does well, why should I not be happy when the team does well? But if you were manager of Arsenal you would worry as well about having your players when you need to win football games.”

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