Arsenal must break bank to sign player they already have

Should Arsenal look to break bank to extend agreement with Nasri?It seems that whenever Arsenal football club look to be going somewhere, and have some high class talent on their books, that a new contract needs signing.

This time it is the name Samir Nasri that is ringing through the Emirates stadium. Purchased in 2008 from Marseille, the Frenchman has made great strides this season and is by far one of the Premierships players of the season so far.

However, with his contract up for renewal, there are murmourings that the talented twenty three year old is unsure as to whether to sign a new Emirates deal and that he is keeping his options open with his agent suggesting “..we will see afterward what direction Samir wants to take with his career.”

What this not the situation that Arsenal found themselves in when Flamini wanted to leave Arsenal for AC Milan? The player was not getting offered what he would have expected at the North London club and the Serie A club snapped him up.

Not that we are comparing the two players, but moreso the situations. As with most new contracts, players sign for two reasons, they either want trophies or they want money. Adebayor wanted money, Bergkamp always wanted success. But what does Nasri want? He certainly seems like a level headed human being although his style of play does make one wonder that he would probably play abroad at some point in his career.

Hopefully, for the good of the Premiership, and of course Arsenal fans, he shall decide to stick around for a good few years yet. The next few months would be a great time to sign a new deal. When someone of quality admits they want to stay at the club, it sends a whole buzz through and this “buzz” would really be needed against Barcelona and to pick up points against the league leaders Manchester United.

The issue Arsenal have is their policy on wages, although no one is suggesting that Nasri wants to smash that barrier, Arsenal may have to go beyond “the zone” if they are to keep the best players at the club. It’s all very well developing these youngsters into superstars, but it does the club no good if they are unable to keep them when they begin to peak.

Arsenal, proudly claim that they are running a business, and very well they have done too, but if a player of Nasri’s talent were to request more money, would they consider it or would they look at the football business model rule book and decide against it?

Arsenal have the foundations of “cleaning up” both domestically and abroad, if that means cut backs elsewhere within the club so that a new wage structure can be implemented then so be it surely?

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