Arsenal: The most confusing team in the Premiership

It's time Arsenal won somethingArsenal is a constant source of confusion that can provide any football brainiac with problems. With all the right tools at their disposal, why is it they haven’t added to their trophy cabinet in five years?

Their defence is under constant questioning but it isn’t bad enough to leave them lifting thin-air at the end of each season. When playing the game their passing and style of play is only second to that of Barcelona. Maybe when they meet in the Champions League we will see the Gunners style of play look borderline average, but it is doubtful.

What leaves the brain in a twist is player-for-player (bar the defence) they are better than any other team in the league. Think of it this way; are there players better than Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri in the Premiership? Is there a better holding midfielder than Alex Song? When fully-fit, Robin van Persie has even been named the best striker in the world by the biggest football magazine on the planet, FourFourTwo.

There is also very little doubt that they have the hottest prospect in the league with Jack Wilshere already stamping his mark on the international scene with a solid debut against Denmark.

It is quite extraordinary that they continue to cost themselves a real chance at winning the title. They are in the final Carling Cup so it isn’t all doom and gloom. Although often labelled by teams such as Arsenal as ‘The Mickey Mouse Cup’ it is certain they consider it a ‘proper’ trophy now they have a chance of winning it.

However after being 4 goals to the good against Newcastle last weekend, to only come out of the game with a draw, is nothing short of embarrassing. No matter how much Theo Walcott insists: “It was a point gained.”

For any Arsenal fan it is definitely two points lost. Not only that, it has sent a message to every team in the Premiership that you can come from behind to snatch points away from Arsenal, no matter what the score.

Even so, on the face of it they have the best chance of up heaving Manchester United from top spot.

Manchester City and mainly Roberto Mancini’s negative tactics are like the egg and spoon race you used to have at school. They are so worried about the egg falling off (in this case their title hopes) that they forget they are actually racing and fail to win. After the transfer window, Chelsea seem to be the rich kid at school who has all the best gear but no idea how to use it.

Unless United have the mother of all collapses it is reasonable to think Arsene Wenger’s team are the most likely to challenge them.

With a fully fit side, will the Gunners shoot their way to silverware? It is certainly worth departing with a few quid down the bookies.

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