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As soon as the Blackburn Rovers takeover was completed you just had the feeling that the new owners, Indian owned company Venky's, would at some point be ...

Winning the World Cup in 2003 has been England's sporting highlight over the past 40 years, not since 1966 and in the footballing version had England been so ...

With Gareth Bales emergence as one of the Worlds best, and the acquisition of Rafael van der Vaart, many will have thought that Tottenham Hotspur would be a ...

When a football manager brings glory to a club in his first season, one would expect some form of reward. Whether that be an extended contract, a bonus of ...

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  1. There seems to be this obsession with Lionel Messi. He plays against some of the poorest defences in world football with only Barcelona having the better players.

    Put Messi against Middlesbrough or West Brom in February when the rain comes down then I think we would be in a better position to rate him.

  2. Stop moaning and get on with it, you’re not even in Europe and you’re wingeing about fixture pile up.

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