Belgian stiker may not jon Chelsea until August

Discussions between Anderlecht and Chelsea look to be at a standstill regarding Romelu Lukaku’s move to Stamford Bridge with negotiations “not moving in the right direction” due to Anderlecht requesting close to £30m for the striker who turned 18 in May.

Chelsea are believed to have suggested a reasonable price however the Belgian club are somewhat involved in a tit for tat knowing that Lukaku would be quite happy to remain with them for a further year making the claim that if Villas-Boas really wants him now, the club would have to pay a lot of money.

With negotiations hanging by a thread and with talks ongoing, Chelsea are ready to create a cooling off period and shall return to Anderlecht for more talks in August where it is hoped the Belgian side may be prepared to accept the Premiership side’s valuation.

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