Bet365 Mobile

Within bookmaking and punting circles it has always been thought that online firm Bet365 were always one step ahead of the game when it came to technology as we bring you the latest Bet365 free bets mobile offers to pick up.

The Stoke-on-Trent based company pride the way in which they operate in regards to the customer base and constantly provides cutting edge offers that continue to blow their bookmaking rivals out of the water.

They don’t beat around the bush or come up with outlandish PR stunts, Bet365 do their talking with actions rather than exuberant, over the top PR hype. And it’s safe to say their six million customers, who wager on average £5.4 billion a year between them, aren’t complaining.

They revolutionized their online betting model to make it the market leader in the field and it now seems their mobile betting application is now among the best available to punters.

The last two years have seen a massive transformation in the way punters access and place their bets.

The rise of the IPhone and Android phones have opened up a whole new world for gambling companies to take advantage of. Modern mobile phones have the capabilities and requirements to act as a min hand-held computer and because of this the world is at its owners fingertips.

This opportunity has been seized by bookmakers to create a mobile app that links to their sites so punters now have the accessibility to place bets on any sport from around the world at a touch of a button.

There was some scepticism around when bookmakers first dabbled into this market but the response and results produced from mobile betting has been phenomenal. Various companies have reported extraordinary month-on-month growth within mobile custom, in some cases up to a 250% increase in user ship. The boom of mobile betting has certainly taken off.

Bet365 were one of the first to note this shift in the way punters could access their sites, and created a top-of-the-range mobile site that has been given rave reviews from industry professionals and customers alike.

Its features are eye-catching; with the Bet365 infamous green backdrop making customers know for sure that they are betting with 365 and functions incredibly well for a site that has to take up a large portion of memory space.

As with any app for mobiles the secret to 365’s success is in its simplicity. The design is hugely slick yet not to pretentious and unlike other mobile betting apps; it gets straight to the point. The graphics or creative aspects to the app are unlikely to blow you away but as with any business concept functionality has to come before flamboyance.

One area where Bet365 prosper where other rival firms flounder is in their advance skills in creating the most sought after betting technology through their interface. A perfect example of this is their in-depth focus on in-play betting. This is an aspect of the firm which stands out from the rest and they have continued with that strategy on their mobile application. Despite looking basic the features available to punters on live betting is pretty incredible for a phone app. Straight away when you log in, a live betting function is available to you, and there you will find prices, stats and other market features for any sporting market in the world, all available to you at just a touch of a button.

All important features are hugely easy to access including the cashier, balance, betting history, terms & conditions and a contact section buttons.

All in all, the experience betting with Bet365 via their mobile app is first-class. No other rival firm can hold a candle up to the innovation and technology 365 have incorporated from their online engine to the mobile site. Those who have yet to experience it are certainly missing out.

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