Blackburn Rovers “guarantee” Steve Kean will remain as manager for contract duration

Making a guarantee in the Premiership could come back to haunt themIf ever there is something that should not be said or done, it is guaranteeing that a position within a company will remain the same for a duration of a contract.

In what looks like a very sudden decision by Blackburn Rovers owners, Venky’s, one can only assume that they will not be looking for a new manager any day soon.

Steve Kean, who is actually in his first managerial position after numerous spells as assistant manager, has held the fort well and kept Blackburn seven points clear of the relegation zone, despite Saturday’s 2-0 loss at Stamford Bridge.

However, with Premiership football as it is, a few poor results can find a team staring next seasons Championship in the face. Speaking to the Mail On Sunday, Anuradha Desai, who heads the Venky’s company stated.

“Steve Kean will be safe in his job for the duration of that contract. whatever happens. I guarantee that. Without stability you cannot have success, and this provides stability. It’s the way we work.”

Stability is without doubt a good thing to have but in which league? Should things begin to falter towards the end of the season, and we see Blackburn Rovers hurtling towards what many of us know as the “2nd Division” then Venky’s may well want to go back on their “guarantee”.

Relegation of a Premiership team does not necessarily mean promotion at the first chance and a team like Blackburn, who are unable to attract the sort of talents other teams can, may struggle, whether Steve Kean will still be the man in charge of Blackburn during the summer is anyone’s guess, but it will not look good for the owners should they change their minds at any stage during the next two and a half years of Kean’s contract.

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