Blackpool remain adamant that Charlie Adam will stay

Blackpool manager, Ian Holloway has made transfer speculation regarding his midfielder Charlie Adam even clearer with a full outburst regarding the interests of Aston Villa.

Gerard Houllier has said publicly on many occasions that he feels Charlie Adam would be a decent acquisition to the Villans squad, so public in fact that Holloway could not help himself after seeing his team fall to West Bromwich Albion that finished 3-2.

Regarding Charlie Adam, Holloway said.

“You’ve got every right to ask me the question, but Mr Houllier should not talk about someone else’s player when he hasn’t put up enough money to buy him. Will I honestly sell him to Aston Villa? The answer is no because I am managing his career.”

The Blackpool manager continued.

“I’ve told him where I think he’s good enough to go and again today I think he’s hit the best pass I’ve ever seen in my life. If there’s anybody in the Premier League who can hit a pass like that, how much are they worth? So don’t insult me by talking about my players.”

The Blackpool boss added.

“Don’t talk about my player and I got the raving hump about it because it’s not etiquette and it’s wrong.”

Ian Holloway is indeed correct about others “talking” about his players, their form and tenacity has surprised everyone and although many of Blackpool’s players are doing very well for the club, bids from other clubs was always going to be likely.

Holloway’s latest comments bring two points to the discussion table. Should other clubs and managers be allowed to comment on other players talents? Suggesting they would perhaps bid for them? Or is it wrong and those types of things should be left between the clubs.

We have all seen it happen before. A club shows interest through the incorrect manner, a few months later and the player is wearing the opponents shirt. The likelyhood of FIFA, UEFA or the FA ever looking into this matter seriously though is a tough one. Would they swap speculation for boring headlines? We doubt it.

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