Blue Jays Top The All-Star Line-Up

For fans who’ve been holding their breath for the line-up of the All-Star game to be announced, the wait is finally over. The teams are lined up for an excellent match on the 12th of July at the iconic Chase Stadium this year. Many people are relieved to see that this year’s players have earned their way onto the team based on merit, by playing well throughout the season, and are not just resting on their laurels and popularity.

The leading evidence of this fact was Toronto Blue Jays’ Jose Bautista topping the list of players for the AL team, with a record breaking 7.4 million votes by viewers. He is now the reigning home run champion, and he has also become the first Blue Jay player to make the team since 2003.

Not surprisingly, the New York Yankees have once again had the most players voted onto either of the All-Star Teams with a total of six players. What was unusual this year, however, was that the Milwaukee Brewers have had 3 players voted into the team, including Ryan Braun who received the most votes from the NL team!

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