Betbull UK – Are they better than the rest? (UK Guide)

BetBull is a mobile-only sports bookmaker that discovers the finest tipsters and matches them with customers in an effort to create a social betting environment. The bookmaker debuted in Dublin in 2013 and since then has become quite a popular place to get your sports bet down. Here’s the guide to BetBull bookmaker.

Can you cash out on BetBull?

Yes you can cashout at Betbull. For withdrawals, BetBull takes Visa and Mastercard, as well as a variety of eWallets. However, the BetBull withdrawal time is a significant factor to consider when selecting a withdrawal option. While deposits may be made instantaneously, withdrawals typically take three to five business days to process.

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How long does it take to withdraw from BetBull?

Withdrawals should be processed within 24 hours. This indicates that if the 24-hour limit has not yet passed, your withdrawal is still pending and your funds have not yet gone back to your bank.

What is BetBull app?

The BetBull mobile app was released in 2015 and is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. As a result, betting on smartphones and tablets is pretty much a straightforward process. There are a number of features and performances you can use in the Betbull app which makes it a smart betting choice.

Who is BetBull owned by?

Betbull is owned by Wynn’s online sports betting and gaming business, social casino business, and BetBull Limited merged to form this company. In October 2018, Wynn and BetBull formed a strategic relationship. Wynn will spend $80 million in Wynn Interactive and will own 71 percent of BetBull.

Does BetBull do best odds guaranteed?

Yes Betbill does do best odds guaranteed. If you accept higher odds as an alternative to the existing odds is similar to other UK sportsbooks’ Best Odds Guaranteed on horse racing. The best odds apply if the odds change after the wager is made.

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How do I use my free bet on BetBull?

Betbull does give free bets so its pretty easy to use. To utilize a free bet, your wager must have odds of at least 1/1 (2.0). Because bets made at SP will not count, you must accept the market odds. Free bets may only be used on three-selection accumulators or system bets. Only pre-match bets are eligible for free bets.

What do diamonds do on BetBull?

Diamonds are an unique soft currency of BetBull. Diamonds are utilized in the Spin Wheel game, which awards a random Odd Booster or Insurance bonus for your wagers.

How long does it take to make a withdrawal on betbull?

Betbull indicate that they will conduct your withdrawal after they have confirmed your bank statement against the information you supplied. It will take 1 to 2 business days for the monies to appear in your bank account.

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Can you use credit card on BetBull?

No you cannot use a credit card if you are using Betbull UK. The company may also ask for scanned copies of bank statements or other supporting documentation to verify that you have permission to use any Card associated with your BetBull Account.

How do you spin the wheel on BetBull?

The spin the wheel option will become accessible after you’ve checked in and made a wager on your football accumulator picks. You will be invited to spend your diamonds to spin the wheel every time you put an accumulator (defined as a bet with two or more legs).

How does a system bet work?

A system bet is a bet with 3 to 8 options that has been pre-configured. It’s a strategy to enhance the amount of money you might earn if you win. The amount you stake is multiplied by the total number of wagers in the System Bet, which may vary from three to eight.

What are the gold diamonds on BetBull?

Diamonds indicate bonuses so its always good to see them appear in your Betbull account. Diamonds are the app’s soft money, and they’re used to spin the wheel. You may claim extra odds increases on the spin wheel if you obtain more diamonds.

Which bank does Betbull use?

Depositing money at Betbull from your bank is a straight forward process. The following is a list of all the banks Betbull work with: Standard Chartered Bank, ABSA & Nedbank in Europe.

What is the maximum payout on Betway?

Any Free Bet has a maximum reward of R5,000.00. Any remaining Free Bet balance will be lost if you make a withdrawal.

Can I use someone elses card Betbull?

No, you cannot use another person’s card when using playing at Betbull. If you are not the card’s account holder it is not possible to include a card for a spouse or friends. Payment Methods must be in the name of the Betbull account holder. The safer gaming team may suspend any users who are caught utilizing methods registered in the names of others, including family members, spouses, or partners.

What is System in 1xbet?

A system bet is a type of sports bet used when placing a multiple selection. You just need a few legs or choices of your wager to win. It’s not like an accumulator, which needs all of your bets to be correct in order for you to win.

How do I withdraw money from Betbull a without bank account?

After receiving your unique 10-digit pin from Absa, go to any Absa ATM and input your 10-digit pin, then withdraw your cash using the access code you got by SMS (from Betbull). Withdrawals are free, and you do not need an Absa bank account to take use of this service.

What is the minimum withdrawal on Betbull?

10 EUR

Can you cash out on Betbull?

Yes you can use the Betbull cash out service. Cash Out lets you to get an early payoff on your bets before they are resolved, allowing you to get money back before the event ends and your bet is finalized.

What is the biggest bet ever won?

The Biggest Bets Ever won was by American Archie Karas who won 17 million US dollars on sports wagering.

What happens when a match is abandoned in Betbull?

All bets will be invalidated if the game is abandoned for any reason before the 35-minute mark, with the exception of those markets that have been unconditionally resolved. If an official result is announced, all bets are off.

What is the maximum winning on 1xbet?

On Betbull, the highest payout is $600,000. Punters have the option of choosing games with odds that may reach this amount. Betbull’s daily withdrawal limit is $1000.

How much can you withdraw from Betbull in a day?

Withdrawals from Betbullare processed promptly (up to a limit of GHS2,000 per day). If your withdrawal does not go through right away, it will be looked into and reimbursed the next day.

Can I deposit 200 in Betbull?

The minimum deposit on Betbullfor new customers and first-time depositors is $200. The minimum deposit for returning clients is $500. Betbull also enables you to deposit via UPI, which is by far the greatest deposit option for Indians since there are no fees associated with deposits.

Which is better Betbull or Bet365?

Bet365 provides more sophisticated live betting and live streaming options, while Betbull has better deposit methods and a more appealing welcome bonus. While Betbull caters to Indian players, Bet365 caters to a wider audience.

Why won’t my bank let me deposit to Betbull?

Your bank will not authorize the payment if the codes do not match. You must make sure that your card is current and eligible to make a deposit and that  your card’s expiration date hasn’t passed. If your card has expired, you will need to replace it.


Betbull is a sports betting platform that has been around since 2014. It is an online betting company that offers odds on various sporting events in the UK, Ireland and Europe. Although it’s not one of the more popular sports betting operators it is regulated in the UK.

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