Coral Connect Card – Benefits and How to get one (2022 Update)

Coral are one of the UK’s most well known bookmakers with decades of experience both offline and online through their website. The company are always striving to make the betting experience easier for punters so they have introduced the Coral Connect Card, which connects your online and offline betting accounts.

Connect Cards are proving extremely popular for punters these days and all Coral clients can now utilize Coral Connect to connect their in-store betting activity to their online Coral account.

How do you get a Connect Card Coral?

You can get a coral connect card by visiting the official Coral site at, or you can visit any one of Coral’s 1800+ stores in the United Kingdom. To obtain a card you will have to enter a username. Coral Customer Services will then give you your complimentary Connect Card and PIN.

coral connect card

What is a Connect Card?

A Coral Connect Card is a reusable plastic smart card that facilitates paying for fares quicker, simpler, and more secure than cash. It makes managing your account easier, as you can use the betting terminals in any Coral shop to access your Coral account.

How do I withdraw money from my Coral account?

To withdraw money from your Coral betting account, you must go to Coral. You may utilize the ‘Top up’ or ‘Withdraw’ buttons in the account area if you are signed in to the Racing Post Bet Slip.

Can you collect winnings from any Coral?

Yes, you can get your online wins in person with Coral simply by visiting any one of the Coral shops in the UK. The Connect Card’s biggest feature is that you may cash in your online wins at any Coral store.

Can you withdraw money from Coral in store?

Yes, Cash withdrawals from a Coral Connect account are available over the counter (unless otherwise stated). In order to make a withdrawal, you must provide your Coral Connect Card and may be asked for your card’s PIN.

How long does withdrawal from Coral take?

Using a UK VISA debit card is normally the quickest way to make a withdrawal. Checking your card details and approving payments takes a few hours before Coral process them. A withdrawal request might take up to four hours to reach your bank account once submitted.

How do you use a connect card?

You use your Coral Connect card by entering your username and pin in one of the main betting terminals in a Corals shop. That way you can access your account, check balances, and update your open and live bets.

How do I upgrade my Coral account?

You can upgrade your Coral account simply by visiting the app store and making sure you have the most recent version of the Coral app to download. It is available on both Apple iphone and Android devices.

Can you have more than one Coral account?

No, you are only allowed one Coral account registered to one household. Duplicate Coral accounts are strictly forbidden and against company policy.

Why can’t I withdraw money from Coral?

If you cannot withdraw money from Coral then more often than not you have not met the withdrawal payment threshold for taking money out of your account. If there are insufficient funds in your account then you won’t be able to make an online withdrawal request. You may also have invalid card details to make payment back to your account, such as an invalid expiry date.

Can you use PayPal on Coral?

Yes you can use Paypal at Coral bookmakers, which are one of the UK’s leading online betting and gaming site now accepts PayPal, a worldwide e-commerce corporation that enables secure and speedy online payments to and from your betting account.

How long does it take for PayPal to withdraw from Coral?

Coral accepts PayPal payments. Instant deposits are available, however payments might take up to 48 hours. PayPal is an easy way to use since it is accepted all around the globe. It’s also simple to fill your PayPal account before making a deposit.

How do I redeem my Coral points?

You can redeem your Coral points in a number of ways. You can use those points for cash also. You may redeem your comp points for cash after you reach 100, whether it’s through taking on the dealer at blackjack or the dazzling lights of the slots.

Is Coral Casino legit?

Yes, Coral is one of the UK’s most reputable gaming sites with decades of experience. They are fully regulated in the UK and have a UK gambling license.

Can you withdraw free bet winnings Coral?

Yes you can withdraw free bet winnings from Coral but not the free bet value itself. To withdraw your Coral free bets as cash into your bank account, you must wager them once.

How long is Coral verification?

Coral verification normally takes a few days. Your uploaded identification will be reviewed within 24 hours. What can I use as identification? Any government-issued ID card will suffice, but it must have your first and last names, date of birth, and a picture of yourself.

Does Coral have live chat?

Yes Coral does have a live chat service you can use if you have any queries regarding your Coral account. Simply sign into your account and talk to the operator on live chat. Your chat can then be saved and sent to your email address.

What is Fast Bank Transfer Coral?

Coral is a well-known bookmaker that provides an online betting service with a quick withdrawal procedure. While certain payment methods may take up to four banking days to process, withdrawals to other payment methods will be reimbursed within four hours.

How do I use Apple pay on Coral?

ApplePay deposits are accepted. Select ‘Deposit’ from the ‘My Account’ menu. Choose Apple Pay. Tap the ‘Buy with Apple Pay’ option after entering the amount you want to deposit. Use touch or face-id to authorize the payment. You should get a notice saying the deposit has been verified within a few seconds.

How do I top up my Coral account?

There are a number of deposit methods for Coral. You can use yoru Coral Connect card in any Coral betting shop. You can use a VISA debit card to make a deposit as well as ApplePay #Making a PayPal is another method as well as a Paysafecard is accepted for deposits.


Coral Connect Card is a useful tool for betting customers as it connects your online and offline betting experience. It comes in very useful if you are out and about and do not have access to your mobile phone to login to your account. It is issued by the Coral Group in the United Kingdom, which has its headquarters in the city of Dublin.

The “how to get coral connect card” is a prepaid credit card that can be used at Coral Connect locations. The card allows its users to save money and earn points on their purchases.

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