Parimatch UK – How to get free bets and player bonus (2022 Guide)

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Is Parimatch trustworthy?

For Indians, Parimatch is a reliable and safe betting platform. Curacao Gaming has registered and regulated the betting site, which has received favorable feedback from all consumers. Parimatch has been a trusted partner for numerous punters from all over the globe since 1994 so there’s a wealth of background and knowledge.

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How do you use Parimatch?

It’s pretty easy if you follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the Parimatch webpage and choose “Sign up” from the top right corner. You’ll be sent to the registration page after that.
  • Step 2: Type in your phone number and create a secure password.
  • Step 3: Click “Sign up,” and a verification code will be delivered to your phone.

Is Parimatch legal?

Parimatch is licensed to provide remote gaming/e-gaming services from Curacao, and the official website states “We do not aim to circumvent or bypass any regulations or laws using this license, and we do not intend to circumvent or bypass any rules or laws.”

Who owns Parimatch?

Sergey Portnov is the current CEO of Parimatch UK

How long does Parimatch withdrawal take?

There are a few withdrawal options which customers can use. The FastFunds option has been added to Parimatch’s withdrawal procedures. It’s a quick, easy, and safe approach that deposits funds into your account within 30 minutes of approval. VISA cardholders can utilize FastFunds.

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Does Parimatch give withdrawal?

Withdrawing money from a Parimatch account is typically a simple affair. Most payment platforms are practically instantaneous, however some banks may take up to 48 hours. If there are technical difficulties with the withdrawal, the funds are returned to the user’s account.

What is the minimum withdrawal of Parimatch?

The minimum withdrawal from a Parimatch account is 1000 INR

How does Parimatch make money?

Parimatch’s best winning approach is to start with sports betting researc when placing your bets. Learn about the various sorts of bets and how they might help you. Examine the teams on which you want to wager. Examine the players’ performance records and previous matches to determine what helps them perform well and what leads them to struggle against certain opposition.

How do I get Parimatch bonus?

To get a bonus at Parimatch you must sign up for a Parimatch account. Make a minimum deposit of 200 INR to qualify for an IPL betting bonus.  Once you have completed this step, in your account, fill out your personal data in the boxes provided. Deposit incentives of 150 percent up to 20,000 INR or 200 percent up to 8,000 INR are available throughout the IPL.

Is Parimatch legit Quora?

Parimatch is a totally legit and is licensed and regulated fully in the UK by the United Kingdom Government.

How do you withdraw from Parimatch?

The procedure for withdrawing money from Parimatch India is a little different to other withdrawal methods. The following is the withdrawal procedure: In Parimatch, choose the menu option. Make a financial check. Withdrawals are ticked. Select your desired method of payment. Enter the desired withdrawal amount. Provide personal information and documents. Continue and wait for a response from the customer service team.

What is Parimatch worth?

Parimatch, the online betting operator and technology supplier in which her family has a controlling share, is valued at more than $1 billion, but a more precise assessment might be achievable over the next 12 months if a planned IPO in London goes forward.

What is the minimum deposit in Parimatch?

The Parimatch minimum deposit into your account is 10 INR, which is also the minimum stake.

How do I deposit at Parimatch?

You can make a deposit on Parimatch by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Dial *150*00# or go to the M-Pesa phone menu.
  • Step 2 — After calling, choose option 4 to pay with M-Pesa or go to the menu and select “Pay bill.”
  • Step 3 — Enter 351144, Parimatch’s company number.
  • Step 4 — Enter your Vodacom reference number

What is parlay bet in Parimatch?

A parlay bet is a straightforward wager in which the bettor makes a single wager on numerous selections. To win a parlay bet, all outcomes must be properly chosen. When you select two or more choices, you may make a parlay bet. Your chances of winning grow with each subsequent selection. However, the danger rises as well.

Can you withdraw welcome bonus?

No you cannot withdraw your Parimatch welcome bonus. The only requirement is that you lose your bonus money, which will be deducted from your account before you may make a withdrawal. You may only pay out any leftover funds from your deposit, as well as any wins you’ve won.

What is bonus code in bet365?

The bonus code for Bet365 is a free £50 bet once you make an initial deposit as a new customer of £10.

Can you have a BetVictor and Parimatch account?

Under the BetVictor GB Licence, BetVictor and Parimatch websites are powered by the same betting software. You will not be able to register a new Parimatch account if you currently have and existing account.

How often do you get Kwiffed?

How frequently am I going to get kwiffed depends on a number of factors.  You can lose any wager (regardless of the sport, odds, or amount), but you have no influence over when it occurs. It only occurs to you when this happens.

Is BetVictor a safe site?

Is BetVictor trustworthy? Yes BetVictor is unquestionably a trustworthy online casino and bookmaker The Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner, the Irish Revenue Commissioners, and the UK Gambling Commission have all granted it licenses.

Are Parimatch best odds guaranteed?

Yes Parimatch UK are Best Odds Guaranteed. Parimatch offers best odds guaranteed on all UK and Irish horse racing. This implies that profits will be paid out at the opening price, regardless of when you made your wager.

What is multiple bet in Parimatch?

A “multiple bet” is a wager on several events that are unrelated to one another. Winnings for “Multiple bet” are calculated by multiplying the wager amount by the product of the odds of all the events in the Multiple bet.

What are welcome bonuses?

A credit card welcome bonus is a promotional offer made by banks to persuade new clients to apply for credit cards. Welcome bonuses are often in the form of extra points or cash back if a particular level of spending is met in a given length of time.

Why did my casino bonus expire?

Although a Parimatch casino bonus cannot be withdrawn, it may be converted to cash if certain conditions are met. Depending on the wagering term, any Casino Bonus with a Wager Requirement will expire, so please be careful when signing up so that your Parimatch bonus doers not expire without you using it.

What is a playthrough balance?

In simple terms, playthrough refers to the number of times a player must bet the bonus amount, deposit, or both before withdrawing or cashing out. The majority of casino promotions include a playthrough requirement.


Parimatch is an online betting site that allows users to bet on football, rugby, ice hockey, tennis and other sports. The company was founded in the United Kingdom in 2014 by a group of experienced entrepreneurs who have more than 20 years experience in the industry so we have to say that it is recommended by all of the team here at

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