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SBK is a new sports betting app in the United Kingdom, operated by Smarkets, a well-known sports betting exchange. The major advantage of SBK is their minimal betting margins (best odds in our tests). Here’s the guide to signing up and using the SBK betting app.

How do I withdraw money from SBK?

First up you must view the current bets held at SBK. On your betslip, click the “Active Bets” tab. You’ll see the green Cash Out button with the accompanying Cash Out Value for each wager where Cash Out is allowed.

Who owns SBK bookmaker?

SBK is owned by Smarkets Sportsbook, fully licensed and regulated in the United Kingdom.

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Can you have a Smarkets and SBK account?

If you already have a Smarkets account, you may log in to the SBK app with the same credentials. Because Smarkets is a betting exchange, a 2% standard commission charge will be added to your net wins on both platforms.

How long do withdrawals take on SBK?

Depending on the payment method you use withdrawals from SBK will take 1-10 business days. If you choose Visa as your payment method, it will take between 1-6 business days. Furthermore, if you use Neteller or Skrill, the transaction will take 1-2 business days to complete.

How do I delete my SBK bet account?

If you desire to cancel your SBK Bet account, please contact the SBK customer service department who will make the necessary arrangements.

Who are SBK bookmakers?

United Kingdom based bookmakers Smarkets developed SBK, a mobile-only sportsbook, in 2019. At first look, it seems to have little chance of competing with the more established new sports betting services, given that it has just recently entered the market but only time will tell.

What do smarkets do?

Smarkets is a newly formed betting exchange that allows you to wager and trade on sports, politics, and current events in a more contemporary and fair manner than the more traditional and more established betting exchanges.

Can you make money on Smarkets?

You can win bets on Smarkets but it should be used in a responsible manner. Trading software is not used by Smarkets, and they earn the bulk of their money by trading against their consumers. They don’t want to encourage others to do the same. Smarkets does not have a public API at this time. Trading out of a bet for a guaranteed profit is still conceivable.

How long does Smarkets take to withdraw?

Withdrawals from Smarkets may take up to 12 hours, making it Smarkets’ fastest withdrawal option. For debit cards it all depends on the bank you use. Visa debit cards are used in the majority of cases and all can be used to make withdrawals at Smarkets in 1-6 days.

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Can you use Smarkets abroad?

Yes you can use SBK and Smarkets abroad, but there are a few countries where using the SBK site or app is forbidden. Residents or visitors of countries should visit the official SBK website for full details of which countries are restricted.

Is SBK a safe site?

SBK is also licensed and controlled by the AGCC (Alderney Gambling Control Commission), as well as holding a UK Gambling Commission license to operate. As a result, if you live in a regulated nation, this assures that the site is totally compliant and that you are absolutely secure.

Does smarkets have an API?

The Smarkets Streaming API is exclusively accessible to market makers and is subject to a 20% fee on lifetime P&L.

What does trade out on smarkets mean?

Trading out is putting a wager on the opposite result of one you’ve previously made. It may be used to set a profit target. Limit your exposure time. Cancel a wager that was previously matched on the same market.

How does a bookmaker make money?

Betting exchanges earn money by collecting a commission charge on each wager they accept and then paying out money to their clients when they win. Understandably, their objective is to ensure that incomings exceed outgoings.

Can I use PayPal on Smarkets?

Customers may use a number of payment methods on Smarkets, including debit cards, PayPal, and any of the other accepted ways, although you cannot use a credit card to deposit funds to a betting account in the UK.

How do I remove my card from Smarkets?

You may delete a card from your Smarkets account by going to the Manage Payments link on the account page. Contact the Smarkets customer support staff if you are unable to delete your card.


The “sbk betting zone” is a place where people can bet on their favorite sports. This includes football, basketball, and more and as such SBK looks to be making inroads into the betting sector in the UK.

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