Can Suarez and Carroll work together at Liverpool?

The fans will certainly be smiling after swapping a sulker for two tough guys.Many have labelled the two new Liverpool signings as target men but where this tag came from for Luis Suarez is beyond me. Andy Carroll’s label is a lot more obvious, just look at him.

After an out of sorts Fernando Torres handed in his transfer request Kenny Dalglish was left with a pretty big hole to fill, but has he left it overflowing?

With Suarez already on his way to Merseyside the ‘King’ wanted to give him a partner in crime (maybe in this case literally with Carroll) and gave the world an example of panic buying in football terms. Will he regret it?

The talent of both strikers is almost unquestionable with Suarez’s scoring 111 goals in 159 games, all be it in the Dutch league. Carroll on the other hand has made an impressive debut in the Premier League notching up 11 goals for Newcastle but has only played at the top level for half of a season. Now his price tag, which renders most incredulous, has heaped more pressure on the young Englishman.

Suarez can be seen as a like-for-like replacement for Torres so it is plausible to think he will slot into the team easily and link up with Steven Gerrard who may now be a one man army.

Carroll on the other hand poses a harder tactical decision as Liverpool aren’t exactly known for their wing play and getting decent crosses into the box. They do however have Gerrard, a player who will pick him out at will when the time comes.

Only time will tell if the two players will work for the Reds, they now own the most expensive Englishman in the league and have acquired a Uruguayan who puts away goals for fun.

Language barriers, egos and in Carroll’s case a potential misjudgement of ability are all factors to consider when making a decision on whether or not it will indeed work. Both are unproven in the Premiership, but also have a lot to prove.

One bites like Mike Tyson, and the other evidently punches like him, but can these two heavyweights deliver a knock out blow to the competition? Carroll’s assault charge suggests yes.

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