Chelsea FC give up on South American stars

Chelsea FC have now completely given up any hope of landing Brazilian starlet Neymar and Chile winger Alexis Sanchez, and will instead focus all attention and money into landing the likes of Modric, Pastore, Falcao, Rolando and Lukaku.

Chelsea were perhaps late players in the Alexis Sanchez game but his favoured destination is Barcelona and the club do no longer wish to focus on something deemed unlikely to happen. The Neymar situation is somewhat similar but the youngster wishes to join Real Madrid or stay at Santos.

Chelsea also feel a little aggrieved at the way Santos have handled the situation, almost making Neymar a public auction and then claiming he would not be sold on, possibly a move to gain more interest, and ultimately more money. With Sanchez and Neymar now out of the equation, Villas-Boas will be focusing on those he wishes to bring in, and will son be in a position to offer those players for sale that he thinks are no longer required at the club.

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