Chelsea FC manager admits football is stressful

Three months into his Chelsea FC role Villas Boas feels football is stressfullChelsea manager Andre Villas Boas has admitted that football management at the top level can be stressful and that he will look to finish his career in management in around fifteen years.

Villas Boas has only been in the Chelsea hot seat since July and had only been in charge of Porto for two years before joining the West London club. Whilst he explains the stress that football involves he fails to mention that other lines of work can also be stressful.

“When you have so much passion for the game you don’t reflect on the problems, my idea of a short spell in management is because that is what I feel is right for me, not because of health issues. Gerard (Houllier) decided to step down, rightly so last year, and we are happy that Harry’s (Redknapp) operation went well.”

The Chelsea FC manager continued:

“It is stressful which is why I don’t want to be in it for a long time but the passion for the job is never affected. It affects personal life, of course, but it is part of the job. Any negative results get people down, tough challenges are part of the day-to-day management of any top club. I went through difficult past experiences with my players on a personal level and the John Mikel Obi situation (when his father was kidknapped) was unfortunate and we have been able to recover from that.”

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