Chelsea FC’s latest signing not there to replace Drogba

Lukaku has claimed he is not at Chelsea to replace Drogba but to learn from himChelsea FC’s latest signing Romelu Lukaku has said that he did not join the Stamford Bridge club to replace current forward Didier Drogba but that he intends to learn from the forward for as long as possible.

Lukaku also claims it is an honour to be compared to the Ivorian and that he is already picking things up.

“I sit next to Drogba in the dressing room. I listen all the time because he gives advice. To be compared with Didier is a very big honour to me. Also, with Nico (Nicolas Anelka) and Fernando (Torres) it is the same, so I am very happy to have world-class strikers around me.”

The Chelsea striker continued:

“I am not here to replace Didier, just to play for Chelsea, and I hope he will stay as long as possible so I can play with him and continue learning from him. He is a world-class striker.”

“When we did some finishing exercises after training he said to focus as long as possible when you hit the ball, until the last minute. (These are) very small things but very efficient.”

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