Chelsea manager admires Arsene Wenger’s cup philosophy

Chelsea FC manager Andre Villas Boas has suggested that the Stamford Bridge club will look to include youth in their Carling Cup campaign, claiming Arsenal have proven it to be an effective system.

Arsenal beat Shrewsbury on Tuesday evening and Chelsea face fellow Premiership side Fulham in an all London encounter at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday evening. Villas Boas also claimed that it would be a opportunity for returning players to make their mark too.

“It is the club’s philosophy and from what the owner told me, it is a decision he wants done because he wants to promote young talent as well, and that is why we take this approach, don’t get me wrong because there is responsibility as well for us to win the trophy, because of the club we are and the amount of talent we have at our disposal. We are expected to win the game and the competition, and there is prestige in winning it. There is prestige in any trophy because if you are in four competition and you win four trophies, it is good.”

The Chelsea manager also had praise for Arsenal’s way of treating the Carling Cup, adding:

“Arsenal has been doing it for years and you can discuss if it has been useful or not. I think it has been and with their talent last year they reached the final and they have reached the semi-final as well. It is important for young players to get the feeling for this competition so they can exploit their talents.”

Villas Boas also hinted that Drogba could make a return in Wednesday’s clash and new signing Lukaku would have a run out too.

“Didier has just returned from having concussion and it is important for him to have an impact in the game, later on or from the start, the decision has been made but I prefer to leave a doubt in Martin Jol’s head. Romelu Lukaku had a few minutes at Old Trafford, unfortunately for him out of position because we were okay with the formation at that time. It will be good for him to have a run against Fulham.”

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