Chelsea manager expecting better from his side

Villas Boas is expecting better from his Chelsea sideChelsea FC manager Andre Villas Boas has said that he expects better performances from his side that their last outing against QPR which resulted in 1-0 loss.

Despite Chelsea having two players sent off during the game, and with at least one of them being described as a poor decision by the 34 year old manager, Villas Boas felt that the side could have played better when they were at full strength for the first part of the match.

Villas Boas, who was talking to the official Chelsea FC website also claimed that his side made far too many mistakes in the opening exchanges.

“We should have played better with 11 men and committed less mistakes, and if we do that we avoid a couple of situations, and if with nine men we are able to do that to Queens Park Rangers, with 11 men we should be able to do it. You expect better things from us with 11 men but on the other hand it happened. You have to analyse the game thoroughly. You can take the view that with 11 men we were not good enough with the same fluency at the start. Then we were down to 10 men pretty early due to a bad decision.”

Regarding the two red cards and seven yellow cards Chelsea received in the game, Villas Boas was quick to suggest it was not due to an aggressive patch in their game but that it was purely down to the nature of the game.

“It is just the nature of the game. There are better years and years where you don’t get yellow cards, we have to just deal with it, as you start accumulating them suspensions come early so we have to manage it as technical staff to get the most availability as possible.”

“It doesn’t mean a pattern of bad behaviour or aggressiveness.”

The Chelsea manager added:

“I think there is a Mikel yellow card with us with nine men when he is confronted one against one before the player goes into the box and he chooses to foul the player instead of giving the player an opportunity to score. Things are related to other things and other stories.”

Villas Boas will be hoping for a reaction when his Chelsea side travel to Goodison Park for their Carling Cup clash versus Everton.

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