Chelsea manager Villas-Boas defends team’s approach

Chelsea boss Andre Villas-Boas has hit out at critics of his team’s attacking philosophy after it was labelled naïve in response to Chelsea’s 3-1 defeat by Manchester United last week.

Although his team came away without anything to show for their entertaining display Villas-Boas declared that Chelsea will continue to approach games in an attack-minded fashion, saying that the attacking path is what the fans want to see.

“The path that some managers take is more difficult but more gratifying, not that you can be so closed-minded not to understand that in a club like Chelsea, the most important thing is to win trophies. We are putting the attacking path, the good football path ahead of results, but we are trying to mix it together.” said the Chelsea boss.

He continued, saying that those who called his side’s style against United naïve are much mistaken:

“They judge it last weekend based on the result. Sometimes they criticise people who get results and get results with a lack of flair. They say it’s against the culture of good football, it’s against the fans etc. When it goes the other way around, it looks like people don’t know how to position themselves. I find it completely surprising.”

“We weren’t naïve, we had the initiative of the game and we created a lot of chances. It was a problem with efficiency.”

He added that Chelsea’s style was similar to that of promoted side Swansea ahead of the clash between the two sides today:

“another example is Swansea because you can see it is a philosophy and it is a path Brendan Rodgers has chosen to take, and it’s more difficult.”

“It’s a more difficult path but it can mean trophies as well.”

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