Chelsea will make an official bid to Porto for Falcao on Friday

Chelsea will make an official bid for Porto striker Falcao on Friday, fuelling speculation that one of their current crop of forwards will be on their way out. The favourite is of course Daniel Sturridge, who despite proving his worth last season on loan at Bolton Wanderers, is likely to be loaned out once more, possibly Bolton again or Newcastle United.

There are many that feel Anelka’s time is up and even a small majority that suggest Didier Drogba should now leave. You would only need to look at the last ten games to see that Drogba is an integral part of the Chelsea side and in all honesty, he made Torres look like someone from a pub team, it must be annoying to some that £50m was spent on Torres when that amount could have done so well this summer.

Nonetheless, a new striker looks to be heading West London’s way and it seems Villas-Boas want his former hitman back with him and although it will look great on paper having Drogba, Anelka, Torres and Falcao on the squad sheet, not even a free brothel would be able to keep them all happy, let alone a manager who almost as young (or old) as they are.

The classic Chelsea 4-3-3 has always worked and is the platform on which the club produces oodles of trophies. With four strikers though there is that temptation to use two and revert to a standard English 4-4-2, it does not work for the blues though, in fact, had they not switched to that formation earlier on in the previous campaign it could be Manchester United smarting with Chelsea claiming back to back titles.

Under Villas-Boas though he may be the key to changing things around, he spoke yesterday of the need to make sure the players worked together and that they had the same goals, he may swing it around but it will be up to the players themselves to become accustomed to a new formation, if it starts to work fans will start licking their lips, Drogba and Torres up front, Falcao coming on in the 70th for Torres to make it 5-0. Sounds great but there will be questions that need asking and the major one is do Chelsea really need a new striker?

This two part poll should give an overview of what is required at the Bridge.