Could Rangers and Celtic Become Premier League Champions?

Could Celtic or Rangers ever be in a position to lift the Premiership trophy?Ok, so every year there is the debate about whether the mighty Glasgow football clubs should ply their trade in the English division and then everybody apart from Celtic and Rangers are not very keen. In my opinion this is because these two clubs would within five years be challenging for the league title. I believe the top flight clubs are scared and it is not because the Scottish are independent and in the past are quoted as saying that they “don’t like England.”

Welsh teams are allowed (Cardiff and Swansea) so it cannot purely be Patriotism on England’s part. At the moment the two clubs have every element within them to suggest they would be real forces apart from one thing, money! What does the premier league have lots of at the minute?…money!

The only reason these clubs cannot attract European stars is because the wage demands would rinse the clubs dry so they rely on premier league loan signings (Bellamy, Stokes, Keane etc). The previously mentioned players do actually see the clubs as glamorous short stays but not long term clubs.

They are attracted by the passionate fans, the arenas and their European history – (mainly Celtic with their legendary locally born European Cup winning team of yester year). Look at what has happened since Scottish managers have filtered into the English league; they have had a huge affect on England’s three biggest clubs with names such as George Graham, Kenny Dalglish, Alex Ferguson and Bill Shankly.

They have flourished in their southern surroundings and improved due to being pushed on by the competitiveness and sheer scale of the English game. This would have a knock on affect and Scotland would also produce higher quality players with more money invested in youth development due to huge raises in match day income, T.V. rights and marketing etc. This revenue increase being supported by the Glaswegians sixty and fifty thousand capacity arenas respectively.

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore in the past has said that the idea will not Happen. “As regards to Celtic and Rangers it’s a non-starter, So we’ve made a clear and unequivocal statement and we’re going to move on from there. No means no. ”

“The Premier League clubs constitutionally voted to say we’re not going to take this any further, Celtic and Rangers are not coming in.”

Wolverhampton Wanderers chief executive Jez Moxey added to that comment by insisting: “It’s the English Premier League. It’s our product and we’re working on our product. The Premier League clubs have made their decision and we move on. We wanted clarity and we’ve got clarity.”

From a football purist and non political fans point of view a move would improve the premier league and add yet more spice to an already competitive league. I for one would enjoy the away days and atmosphere each stadium and fan set would bring. Giving better value money for your away game experience rather than some of the “prawn sandwich” feelings other stadiums radiate nowadays.

Surely the rest of the Scottish league would be buoyed by the fact they will have a chance of actually winning a trophy for once or getting into Europe competition and grow their clubs. I ask you to actually think about the positives for football and as a whole and not dismiss the notion entirely.

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