Dalglish admits Liverpool will not set targets

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has suggested that the Anfield club will not set any targets and that they will simply do the best they can whilst under his reign.

Dalglish yesterday confirmed that he had signed a three year extension along with assistant Steve Clarke and the former Reds striker insists that stability now is the key.

“The place is much more stable now than it was before, the supporters have smiles on their faces and it is up to us to keep them there as long as we can, but we are not going to sit here and shout our mouth off about what we are going to do.”

The Liverpool manager added.

“We’re just going to work and do the best we possibly can because a lot of people care an awful lot about the football club and we’ve got to prove we feel the same way.”

Whilst smiles on faces is one thing, trophies in the cabinet is another and Liverpool fans will be hoping there will be a mixture of both at the end of next season.

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