Euro Eleven

Euro-Eleven Fantasy Football

Ever wondered what it might be like to create your own European fantasy football team? Or wondered whether Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo would fit into the same side? With Euro-Eleven you can – it’s the first of it’s kind where you the manager can select you favourite players from across Europe and not just from one division or league!

It’s completely free to join and you can mix things right up as long as it’s within your budget, don’t like Torres and Drogba up front together, why not say goodbye to Torres and bring in Aguero or Inter Milan’s Samuel Eto’o? If your team haven’t made that summer signing you so hoped for you can put yourself in charge and put Carrick and Sneijder in midfield – it’s all possible with

The season starts this August for most teams but of course you will have to keep your wits about, choose an injured player and you will risk losing some points, choose a player out of form, and you will want to make some substitutions as quickly as possible.

As well as simply managing your Euro-Eleven fantasy side you also get the latest transfer news and there is even a forum to discuss the latest players, who’s hot, who’s not and who is just outright rot!

Prizes are available and there already over a thousand teams involved so you will want to be quick to join in this fantastic opportunity to manage your best Euro Eleven!