Everton playmaker insists new additions are needed

Everton midfielder Arteta has insisted new players are required to improve their position next seasonEverton midfielder Mikel Arteta has insisted that Everton require more players added to the squad to increase the strength in-depth and that he is personally not happy with the current league position.

Whilst Everton will probably finish seventh this season, it could be assumed that much more was expected from the Goodison Park side this season albeit for the same old injury crisis that seems to affect Everton more than others.

The Spaniard, who turned 29 earlier this year said.

“I think we need to strengthen the squad a lot to get better, it’s been a really strange season. I don’t think anybody is happy with the way it’s gone. We have been very inconsistent, having really bad results and then doing really well against the big teams. It’s been a strange season.”

Regarding a seventh spot in the Premiership Arteta replied.

“For me, it’s not. I think everybody was expecting a much better performance this year from the whole team, and we haven’t reached it. Even if we finish seventh, I don’t think we should be happy with it.”

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