Ferrari driver slams Hamilton

Felipe Massa has criticised McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton as they collided together for the third time in just four races at the Indian Grand Prix on Sunday.
The Ferrari driver has likened the situation to as if Hamilton has developed a ‘fatal attraction for him’.

The most recent crash came on lap 24 at the Buddh International Circuit, when Hamilton, at that time in sixth place, gained ground on Massa when the Brazilian had run wide.
Hamilton then got close to his rival on the stretch to turn five, however contact was then made when he attempted to dive down the inside of Massa into a left handed turn.

This then resulted in Massa’s car spinning, and even though he was able to hold on to fifth place, stewards penalized Massa as they decided that he had closed the door on Hamilton.
Massa was handed a drive-through penalty, in which lost him two places, but shortly after dropping further down the field, he retired due to reckless driving into a raised kerb, similarly to the incident he had during qualifying on Saturday.

Massa protested his innocence after the race. He said: “I can only say I do not share the opinion of the stewards who inflicted the punishment. I simply stayed on the ideal line, braking on the limit and staying on the part of the track that was rubbered in. What else could I do?

“It’s the umpteenth time that Hamilton runs into me this year and it seems it’s some sort of fatal attraction…In the past, I tried to talk to him but he did not seem to be interested in doing so.”

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