FIFA must undergo overhaul for the good of the game

Blatter will address the Nations on MondayAny other organisation or company would be fully investigated, but for FIFA, “a closed shop” as Lord Alan Sugar appropriately calls it, matters will be dealt with behind closed doors.

At this stage it no longer matters who is guilty of bribery or corruption. The fact is members of FIFA are guilty of bribery and corruption, they know it, we know it, yet there remains an audacity to continue with the Presidential elections on Wednesday despite only one man running, the president Sepp Blatter.

Although Blatter has called a press conference for 1700 on Monday evening one can only expect two outcomes. One, Blatter suggests the corruption is being dealt with in-house and that there is nothing more to say on the matter. Two, he will delay the election process until their is a full externally run investigation into all allegations.

The first option would be the easiest. No one has any respect for the FIFA organisation anymore anyway so nothing further could really be done to harm them. The second will mean some very big heads rollings – quite literally.

FIFA could be considered to be the footballing version of the Masons. Dodgy handshakes, brown envelopes, favours here, favours there. There is a need for a big overhaul whether an investigation is launched or not. FIFA can no longer be trusted. For starters a president should not be allowed to run for presidency for more than two terms.

Blatter has been president of FIFA since 1998, far too long. He is at an age where football no longer really matters to him. One only has to look at the way football is referee’d without the help of television replays to see how far Blatter is behind in the technology race. He will need to go immediately and perhaps be replaced by the “incorruptable” Michel Platini.

Regarding Qatar 2022 this is sadly only the beginning. Should FIFA delegates be found guilty then the likes of Australia will be perfectly within their rights to sue. They entered a competition, paying millions of Australian dollars to try and compete for the competition. if it is true that Qatar purchased the event then Australia will feel they paid to enter a competition they were never going to win. Compensation will quite rightly be very high.

Away from compensation no one can really hazard a guess as to what FIFA’s stance will be. As they currently stand, a group of overage, over paid individuals there is no future. FIFA will be disbanded and will have to start again, the damage caused perhaps irreparable at this stage, only time will be able to heal those affected by the corruption.

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