FootieManager – Chosen as’s Official Football Management Game


FootieManager is the World’s first online Football management game, springing to life on the internet all the way back in 2001 but first created in 1999 by a PhD Nuclear Physicist.

The program is one of the simplest to use but gives users that genuine feel of managing a football team. The best news is that you do not have to spend any time downloading it! All you need is an e-mail address and an internet browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome etc…) and that’s it, you can get right into the nitty gritty of football management either on your PC at home, or even your laptop or mobile phone on your travels.

It won’t be easy though. As the manager of your chosen football club you will be responsible for keeping finances in check as well as bringing in the latest players to add quality to your squad. Should some players no longer be required, you will need to manage procedures correctly and see if you should loan them out or sell them immediately.

Don’t worry though if it seems daunting, you can hire staff to help you out during your management period, after all, Sir Alex Ferguson and Kenny Dalglish can’t do everything on themselves either! Once your team is in order you will want to make tactical changes, you might even have to change formation depending on which team you come up against.

The best part of FootieManager is that you are not simply playing against a computer as you would at home, you are playing against real people who want to win just as much as you do, other managers that have bought players in, looked into their tactics, hired staff who may be better and managers with whom you could be tussling with over the duration of a season!

The game can be played for free or if you really think you can hack it as a manager, you can buy a team with paypal and really get stuck in. We joined as Footy Bunker and let us tell you, once you’re in you are hooked! FootieManager will provide you with the latest news you might require in managing your side, your team will be involved in two games per week so you will need to think carefully who can play, whether they are motivated enough or whether they are even good enough to face the next opponents. You do not have to be online when your matches are played either, simply log in at some point to make the necessary changes and hope your players do the rest.

Transfers between clubs can be stressful, you think you have found the right player but the other manager just won’t let him go or they want more money than you have. You can build up your youth system, take the players on a spa weekend to relax before a game, increase the training intensity, check the progress of the latest starlets coming through the system, change tactics depending on which side you are up against – This game has it all, it’s superb, addictive and so easy to get into. Ever wondered how Wenger feels when a bigger team comes in for his players, soon enough you will know!


To join this fun and competitive football management game simply click here of any of the banners or images, sign up, choose your team and get managing!