Former Liverpool manager to return to Premiership, but who to?

Would Rafael Benitez be accepted at Chelsea FC?Former Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez has revealed his desire to return to the Premiership but admits there is not many clubs looking for a new manager.

With Chelsea’s Carlo Ancelotti the only sacking since the seasons end, the Stamford Bridge club would remain the obvious choice and with Benitez’s Champions League winning experience in 2005, Abramovich may see the Spaniard as the best choice. It would also mean the former Liverpool and Inter Milan manager being reunited with Spanish striker Fernando Torres.

Benitez admits he is waiting for a call from Premiership clubs but suggests it will not be easy.

“Now we have to think about the future. I am ready, waiting. It is not easy because you don’t have too many teams available now, but there is still time, you are looking for a club with an idea about the future, an idea about how to create something, but at the same time to keep winning.”

Benitez, talking to Skysports continued.

“Because I came from Spain I have a different vision. I know how you can do things in Spain, Italy or here. After six years at Liverpool I am really pleased to stay in England. I know how to manage, I know about business plans, I know how to buy and sell players. In Spain and Italy, they take care of them. Here you have more experience.”

The Champions League winner added.

“I know what it means after five years in charge of the Academy and you can see now how the young players of Liverpool have progressed. I have enough experience and I am still quite young for a manager.”

Whether or not Chelsea see Benitez as a man who can take the West London side to Europe’s Holy Grail remains to be seen but with Guardiola unlikely to leave Barcelona and Villa-Boas certain to stay in Porto, it may seem an intelligent choice given the circumstances.

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