Four top players that Wenger should really be after

I have to admit to shaking my head at the some of the transfer speculation regarding Arsenal over the last few weeks, some are just crazy, but not in the sense that Arsenal do not have a hope in signing but moreso to do with the fact that Wenger will not even look in the same direction.

If you like Arsenal are currently like an old piano that just needs some fine re-tuning, nothing major, in fact I would certainly suggest that just three players would be appropriate – should the club keep hold of their current players. It doesn’t take an Economist to work out that things need tightening at the back – don’t excuse the pun it was intended! But I read that Arsenal are close to signing Samba, he’s ok, but is he really going to be an Arsenal player, can you compare him to Adams or Keown, not a chance.

Football starts at the back and that means the goalkeeper. Wojciech Szczęsny is definitely one for the future but he needs someone to look up to, someone who has the leadership qualities and experience to lead a team to success. The pick for this position would be Maarten Stekelenburg, the 28 year old Ajax stopper is likely to save a team a good 9-15 points a season no questions asked, not just for his goal keeping skills but by getting those in front of him to follow instructions under pressure, it honestly seems like a no brainer and for a price of around £10m-£12m what on earth would an Economist be waiting for?

Next up you bring in Per Mertesacker, valued up to £15m. He has been there and done it for Germany and although last season was not his best, it was obvious that his mind was on joining another club. North London would be perfect for him and standing tall next to Vermaelen and with Stekelenburg between the posts, you sort of get that aura of stability. Attackers will not enjoy playing against those three that’s for sure.

Left back is an issue and I shall go back on my word and suggest Clichy departs for Juventus or some other Italian club. The answer is simple but possibly expensive. Aly Cissokho, although the newspapers have him valued at £20m it is much more likely that bids around £14m would be accepted. Strong, powerful, athletic, an Arsenal player without doubt and someone that will add that cutting edge both defensively and on the attack, a few words from Cissokho into the ears of Andrey Arshavin and he will be begging his legs to run back and help out defensively.

The next is probably the most controversial but do I see Wenger putting up the cash, no. Samuel Eto’o has said he wants to join the Premier League in some way or another. He is 30 years old and therefore considered a risk by the Wenger’s policy. Let us say for a moment that for £22m you can buy a proven winner, a leader up front, an experienced striker, and one that will guarantee you at least 20 goals in one season. Most would snap your arm off but here’s the thing, spending £22m on a 30 year old forward who will give you all that could mean the title ends back in Arsenal’s hands, is £22m plus worth spending over three years for 60 plus goals, of course it is. 30 or not, his age is of no interest, he is a player who alongside van Persie could very well destroy the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea.

My thoughts and opinions mean nothing, but there it is. I’ve devised a little poll to see how the majority of fans see matters on the current transfers at the Emirates.