Fulham manager Jol refuses to write off Ruiz

Fulham boss Martin Jol has called for patience from fans in regard to the form of new striker Bryan Ruiz ahead of today’s game with West Brom.

Ruiz, a deadline day signing from Dutch side FC Twente, has yet to register a goal for his new club but Jol has revealed he is far from worried, saying patience is the key.

“When he signed I said ‘give him three weeks’ which was of course a joke. I feel 50 per cent of the foreigners will not do well, it is very difficult when you come to this country. There is a group of players who need a couple of months, or even a year,” said the Fulham boss.

He continued:

“Of course I have to be patient with him and so do the fans – you have to have the same attitude with all the foreigners.”

“We have got four good offensive players and Bryan can get all the time in the world if everybody is fine (fit). It is not about Ruiz, it is about the team.”

The Dutchman added:

“In a year’s time, it is important for me that you can look at his statistics, his productivity and then you will see Bryan Ruiz will be up there with our best players.”

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