Gareth Bale departure to Spain could signal exodus

Gareth Bale has admitted he would like a chance to play abroadAhead of Tuesday’s Champions League fixture it is to be expected that some level of speculation would make its way to the front of the game’s build-up. Redknapp remains optimistic, despite injury worries and Jose Mourinho isn’t without his own, Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcelo are both doubtful to name but a few.

What is more interesting is that ahead of this fixture, seemingly out of the blue, transfer rumours have sparked enquiries as whether Gareth Bale would consider a move abroad. Bale has admitted himself that “If there is a great opportunity then that has to considered seriously”, in spite of the fact that only last month he signed another long term contract at White-Hart Lane. Which would suggest that this is neither a rumour conjured out of the blue by the media or the blue of Real Madrid on away days, indeed Mourinho has denied involvement with the Welsh star, rather that there is some weight to the claims that Bale would move abroad.

Some will regard this as old news, as Bale’s transfer status was the hot topic during the blustery autumn months. After all, Bale-mania was at its height. He had singlehandedly brought Spurs back from a 4-0 deficit against Inter Milan to have a fighting chance of saving the tie in the second leg, which they did – again with a helping hand from the White Hart Hero. As a result of his blistering performances Bale was linked domestically with Man Utd and perhaps more extravagantly, to Barcelona.

Now the issue has been re-awakened, and as with the previous speculation, the ballpark figure is £40 million. This raises the question whether Harry would sell Bale at all, for whatever money, as many would label him as the best in the Premier League, maybe the world, in his position. There is an element of the elitist within me which says that this is a no brainer for the Spurs boss, after all who would he replace him with? But to bring this potential transfer onto a broader point, it is my firm belief that the Premier League should be the home of the world’s best football. End of argument.

With the rise of La Liga and now the Bundesliga it is possible that we could see a migration of Premiership talent abroad, something which I would lament for two reasons. Firstly, I love being able to watch the world’s best football at St. Andrews. And secondly that the beautiful game has always held a special place in the hearts of the English, it is after all not just a game – it is a religion.

Bale’s potential move abroad is something which at the moment is impossible to comment on. What is, however, worthy of comment is whether or not Bale’s departure will signal the mass migration of Premier League players, or if he is merely a wayward Swallow on a long journey home.

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