Has Arsene left Arsenal defenceless?

Arsene Wenger will need to grab a top quality defender in the summer.Arsenal Wenger isn’t exactly known for spending big money, or spending for the matter, so was it almost a given that he would again sit back and watch a hectic transfer window?

Even with defensive frailties the Gunners have still managed to keep their name in the title contender’s bracket. They have summer signing Laurent Koscielny, a centre-back who at 25 years of age has only had one season in Frances top-flight, playing for a very average team in Lorient.

However Wenger saw something in him that many others didn’t and still haven’t. It is clear to see that his fashion sense is pretty good, as he always seems to match his Arsenal shirt with a red card, very clever, oh wait…

The clumsy Frenchman has been bashed about by multiple strikers and even his new partner at the back, Sebastien Squillaci, who head butted him all the way into concussion.

Picking on the inexperienced is often easy though, and his defensive partners can be called into just as much critical questioning. Previously mentioned Squillaci is another Frenchmen who Wenger signed in the summer to boulster his defence. It seems that if you are French, reasonably talented and reasonably priced, you should give Arsene a call!

Again, like Koscielny, his ability has been called into question but his experience at the top level in various leagues (French with Lyon, Spanish with Seville) has seen him captain the side in what could be argued as his best game.

The two paired together just doesn’t seem to work. With Squillaci’s experience and Koscielny’s pace and raw defending ability, you would expect the two to match up perfectly. Did I mention they are both French as well?

Whilst maintaining his confidence in the defenders, Wenger’s desperation on the situation was exposed when he tried to bring back Sol Campbell, again. Without Thomas Vermaelen, who is up their with the likes of Nemanja Vidic and John Terry, they do look weak.

Johan Djourou is the other option, but whilst he looks solid at times, his strength and judgement can even be exposed by a team at the depths of the Championship (Ipswich). It just doesn’t seem like the Arsenal manager can catch a break when it comes to signing defenders.

Maybe it is time for Wenger to widen his search and think about spending a little more, to get more. Yet I’m sure if an emerging top-class defender called out all over the news for Arsene to buy him, he would just pull that old chestnut out of the bag and say: “I didn’t see it.”

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