How long has Wenger got left at Arsenal?

Will this be Wenger's last year in charge at Arsenal?Following a disappointing Emirates Cup and a summer that’s almost void of the major signings the squad clearly needs and the fans have been screaming for, many of Arsenals following are calling for Wengers head.

Following a disappointing collapse at the back end of the last campaign which promised so much and finished with so little Arsenal fans were clearly left frustrated knowing that their side are only a few players away from potential greatness and with the board giving their usual “We have money to spend” line via a press conference with Ivan Gazidis, this was going to be Arsenals big summer.

It was simple in the mind of the fans Wenger had said at the end of last term he would get rid of the “dead wood” in his squad or words to that effect.
The “dead wood” would be replaced with top quality players and Arsenal would be all conquering again, so far this has failed to happen.

Of the perceived “dead wood” Almunia, Bendtner, Eboue and Squillaci are all still on the pay roll although a few of them names are close to moves away from the club, or so we are told.

One moment of joy for many Arsenal fans would have been the departure of Denilson who was loaned back to Brazil.

The fans wanted the dead wood gone and replaced with quality and the current players of the quality they expect from Arsenal to stay put, of course we know things have been a very different.

Gael Clichy the clubs first choice and only globally known left back has departed to rivals Manchester City, Samir Nasri seems to be flirting with anyone with enough money to increase his salary and Cesc Fabregas wants to go back to Barcelona as he was done every year for the last three, however this time its different his absence in pre season shows the mans head has clearly been turned, I have a strong suspicion he will not be included in the official squad photo on Thursday.

Many rumours have come and gone of likely replacements for the outbound players or new additions. A long saga involving Gervinho was played out before the club finally got their man, with other signings things have not run as smoothly.

I am not naive and I am fully aware Arsenal conduct dealings very privately but if the very strong rumours are to be believed they have missed out on signings Joel Campbell. Ricardo Alvarez and Juan Mata to name just a few, with no bids been made for long time target Gary Cahill and at least one bid rejected for Everton centre back Phil Jagielka, Arsenal have been poor in the transfer market and even if the above rumours are untrue the club have been very slow in the market, with the campaign due to start in less than 2 weeks and only one first team addition coming in.

Regular readers will know I am an avid Arsenal fan and personally I am not part of the Wenger out brigade, I am thankful for what he has done for my Football club in his time as manager. This is not blind loyalty however and I am happy to provide criticism where I think it’s due whether its him or the team behind him who have messed up this summer so far we are unlikely to ever know but it is clear they have messed up.

Such is his status with the club and all he has done for Arsenal it is highly unlikely he will ever be sacked but if Arsenal have another poor season the pressure from the fans could be too much for the board to withstand and Wenger could find himself without a job or moved upstairs into a more executive role.

This comes with a warning, before you call for his head think who would you have in his place considering the lack of money the board tend to spend remember its not only Mr Wenger who is tight with the purse strings.

What do you think? Do you want Wenger out of Arsenal? Just what has gone wrong this summer? Who do you expect Arsenal to sign before the transfer window slams shut? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts

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