If January’s transfer window was anything to go by, we are in for a record breaking summer

January may have set up a good marker for what is to come in the summer transfer windowWe saw players moving for outrageous prices and outrageous moves for players in the New Year. Fernando Torres and Andy Carroll wrote the headlines as we learnt the recession isn’t as effective in football as it is in the rest of the country. We also came to terms with the fact that some of the clubs owners just can’t keep the buttons and zippers closed on their overflowing wallets.

It was never likely for the rumours of whose coming and whose going to stop flying around, now there is fresh gossip to dissect and feed on. After 18-year-old Danish star Christian Eriksen managed to outshine the prodigious Jack Wilshere in England’s friendly with Denmark, he is sure to be a target of numerous clubs.

It has been suggested that Liverpool are preparing to make a move for the attacking midfielder and also are looking to fill their problematic left-back position with Newcastle’s Jose Enrique. Certainly a wiser move than when they signed Paul Konchesky, poor Roy Hodgson was made to look very foolish.

Eriksen’s move to Merseyside could come at a cost however as it is rumoured Steven Gerrard could be on his way to Real Madrid. This is pure speculation though and it is very hard to see where Stevie G could fit into the already star-studded Madrid line-up.

Spanish goalkeeper Pepe Reina’s future is also in jeopardy due to the fact that (somewhat unbelievably) he has a buy-out clause of just £20 million in his contract, which in football terms, seems to be like us normal people shopping at Poundland or Primark. As Arsenal and Manchester United look to snatch the keeper away from Anfield, he could very well be irreplaceable.

Another player who is undoubtedly being stalked by the ‘big’ clubs is Gareth Bale. The flying Welshman has already made mince meat out of one of the worlds best defences (Inter Milan).

Every time he lines up down the left, the direct opposition wish that for just this once they could be paid to sit on the sidelines. Man United are said to be heading the chase for the left-back turned winger, planning a £40 million swoop.

Typically, Chelsea are being linked with a whole host of players. Dutch right-back Gregory van der Wiel is at the top of the list along with Brazilian striker Neymar da Silva. On the face of it and with gossip being thrown around, it looks like both Nicolas Anelka and Didier Drogba may be given the boot from Stamford Bridge.

In the Drogs case he will find it hard to get out the door without throwing himself to the ground. Marseille are suggested to be taking back their former talis man after failing in a bid to sign the forward in January. Anelka on the other hand is said to be following fellow Frenchman and striker Thierry Henry, changing football for ‘soccer’ in a move to the New York Red Bulls.

Looking around the papers and websites it was surprising to see Manchester City’s name not crop up on any of the pages. Maybe the Sheik’s are waiting until their team fail on all fronts once again prompting them to open the cash flood gates.

Whilst all of the guesswork revolves around gossip and rumour one thing is for sure, money will be spent, records will be broken and the shock factor will again be present. I’m not naming names but lets just hope no one flies off the handle and spends an unjustified, farcical amount on injured, unproven, or out of form players.

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