Is the Carling Cup still important to the fans?

Warnock claimed he was glad to be out of the Carling Cup competitionFollowing defeat to Rochdale in the Carling cup second round QPR manager Neil Warnock said “I don’t think people care about the competition…They should revamp the cup” when asked if he was glad they went out he responded “Yes”.

This can’t have pleased the Rangers fans who had paid good money to see their side and find out their manager admitted he wasn’t fussed.

This made me think it’s clear many clubs no longer have time for the Carling Cup but do the fans? At the QPR game mentioned above the official attendance was only 4775 not even a quarter of their normal gate.

Forward to last night and I went to the West Ham United vs Aldershot Town game, there is no doubt both sides wanted to win although The Hammers were not at full strength, but the crowds voted with their feet, no official attendance has been released at the time of writing but the ground was easily less than half full.

Watching highlights of other games are showing similar traits, no disrespect to Blackburn but the fans do not regularly get to see their side win and off the back of a season that only just saw the club avoid relegation you would think the fans would flock to see what should have been (and eventually was) a routine win.

But that was not the case just 8607 came to see their sides, distance can also not be blamed I could understand fans not travelling hundreds of miles for a mid week away day but Rovers played Sheffield Wednesday which isn’t a million or even a 100 miles away.

I could go through many other games that took part over the past two nights but it would only be further highlighting the same thing, many fans will blame the big teams for playing weakened sides which detracts the fans from attending but this is not always the case.

On show for West Ham were summer signings Kevin Nolan, Matthew Taylor and a debutant in John Carew. Blackburn displayed new signings David Goodwillie and Ruben Rochina who both got on the score sheet.

QPR may have been weakened but they still had club captain and star man Adel Taarabt on the pitch amongst others.

Personally talking as an Arsenal fan I love the Carling Cup even though it is pretty much known the club will play a young/weakened side I like the fact that I can see the future of the club and the wider members of the squad.

I am aware that this is no FA Cup but the passion of the Cup is still there for the lower league teams, any one who wishes to argue with this need only to watch Aldershot’s goal celebrations and the joyous nature of the fans at the final whistle.

Where do you stand? Do you still have an interest in the Carling Cup? Whats the reason for the no show of so many fans all around the country? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts