Kubica’s 1 Year Injury Lay Off, Stupidity?

Some suggest it could be the end of Kubica's careerRenault Formula One driver Robert Kubica’s recent crash in an Italian rally saw him sever his right hand with the result of a one year lay off from the sport. His crash has happened at the worst of times during Renault’s test times in Valencia where they are preparing for the imminent Formula One season. However, was Kubica’s injury his own stupidity by agreeing to drive in a different sport so close to a new season? Or, was it just misfortune?

The question Is why did Kubica drive in this rally, and why did Renault allow him to drive in it at a time when many Formula One drivers were testing their new cars in Valencia. Their actions, and Kubica’s injury, could pave the way for Renault’s test driver to stake a name for himself in a very competitive market. Kubica’s decision to drive in the rally, could at worst, be the end of his career if Renault’s new driver succeeds in the 2011 season.

Kubica’s injury is unfortunate. It is rare to see such a damaging crash to a driver, especially to such a famous driver. Although it seems crazy that Kubica decided to drive in a rally at this time of the year, it does seem unfortunate as Kubica may have participated as a way of just getting ‘match fit’ in time for the new season.

Although Kubica and Renault’s decision for him to drive in the rally was possibly considered the best to prepare for the season, Kubica’s injury could allow a new star to form himself in the Formula One.

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