Liverpool FC rock feels a few more players are required

Liverpool FC defender Jamie Carragher believes there needs to be a few additions this summerLiverpool’s loyal defender Jamie Carragher has insisted that the Anfield outfit still require a few more players to be able to reach the Champions League but also claims that they may not need anyone else going by the recent run they have had.

Since Dalglish has taken over the Liverpool side, and since the acquisition on Carroll and Suarez, the Reds have climbed the table so dramatically that they are now within a few points off claiming a Europa League spot when by Christmas many had thought they would struggle to creep out of the bottom ten.

Carragher is certain that improvements still need to be made.

“First and foremost, we need to improve the team and the squad, we’re on a great run at the moment, but sometimes when that happens it makes you think that you don’t need to change too much. You can’t forget what has happened in the last eighteen months because we’re not yet where we want to be.”

The Liverpool defender added.

“But the manager has come in and we’ve been as good as anyone else in the league since then. Whether that changes minds about what we need to do over the summer remains to be seen.”

Liverpool need to defeat Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday to guarantee their place in the Europa League next season, whilst it is not the favoured European competition it is nonetheless a competition that this new Liverpool side could certainly mount a challenge for.

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