Liverpool keeper Pepe Reina must make his intentions clear

Another interview in the newspapers this weekend has seen Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina once again make comments that neither confirm nor deny his future plans. Despite being only into two years of his current six year contract many of the highly rated keepers comments, whilst perhaps twisted by the media, do not set any record straight, something he should clearly do rather than wait until the summer to see what offers come in during the summer.

Reina’s latest quotes, coming in the Daily Star suggest that Liverpool are not where they should be at the moment and that they must strengthen to be challenging for titles. Although most already know that to be the truth, the fact remains that no one but Reina himself knows if any strengthening will be completed whilst he is still wearing the number one shirt.

“We have to strengthen, if we want to improve then we have to do that. It is our duty to be strong, to get better. The only thing I can do is train and do my best. Who knows if I have got years left? It’s not about being patient. It’s about the club winning and I want to be competitive.”

The keeper also hinted at missing the Champions League competition by adding.

“We used to fight to be among the top team and be in the Champions League. Sadly that’s not the case now. I want to win titles.”

Obviously the media will make the most of any quotes by players, however to assure fans, perhaps it is time for the Liverpool goalkeeper to confirm whether he will or won’t be at Anfield next season, Liverpool fans have been through enough disloyalty over the last year (Fernando) that they deserve to be told the truth for once and with immediate effect.