Liverpool manager calls for technology to be introduced

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has responded with puzzlement as to why most are against the view that goal line technology be used during football matches.

His comments come after the fiasco that was Chelsea versus Tottenham where Frank Lampard’s first goal should not have stood as the ball did not cross the line, however the linesman gave it to make the game 1-1 on half time.

Dalglish said.

“But as for using technology, I don’t know why everyone is stubbornly against it. When competitions are that important you deserve the best you can get. I don’t see any reason why it can’t be there. I’m sure it has been tested somewhere.”

The lack of video technology in the recent game between the London rivals means Chelsea may still retain the title should they win at Old Trafford next weekend and the error looks to have also cost Tottenham any chance of qualification for next seasons Champions League.

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