Lockout negotiations resume between NFL and players

The negotiations between the NFL and their players restarted on Tuesday in New York, with the focus being primarily on the language of a potential agreement. Lawyers are working flat out over the next two days to ensure that when an agreement is reached it can be tied up and signed as soon as possible. Training camps start at the end of the month and pre-season in 4 weeks’ time. As soon as that happens the league will start to lose revenue, something that they will be desperate not to avoid.

Both sides of the lockout have said that a lot of work remains to be done before an agreement is signed, with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith not entering another round of talks until Thursday at the earliest. A source inside the negotiations revealed that negotiations were “getting back on track” after they nearly collapsed completely at the end of last week. Thursday will be Day 114 of the lockout.

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