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We all say what we know what’s best for our football team but we will never have the chance to prove it. At least ManagerLeague will give you that chance, giving you the opportunity to manage a side from top to bottom, player transfers, training, scouting for new talent, changing formations and instead of waiting all summer for the season to start, a new campaign will begin every 4 weeks!

ManagerLeague has been around for over six years now and has over 50,000 managers in the game. You will be competing against the likes of those that have been a manager for four years, will you as a new and up and coming manager be able to outwit them on the field? It’s your chance to find out!

With live match reporting and the chance to play against the best managers in Europe ManagerLeague will have you taking notes immediately, get accustomed to different team styles, increase the team morale with loud team talks and kick your defence into gear if they are lacking in confidence.

The decisions are up to as manager, the results? Well that is something you will need to work on! To get you started by clicking any of the banners onsite or the link below you will be given 20 free extra credits! Credits are the virtual currency and can be used for training camps, friendly matches, stadium upgrades and player cups.


What is ManagerLeague?

• ManagerLeague is a MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) football manager game played over internet (no downloads needed).

• All teams and players are entirely fictitious (unlike the Fantasy Football Games). The aim of the game is to train, manage and administer your own team / football club in order to achieve the best possible results in cup and league matches. In addition to normal play over the internet, you can manage your team through your mobile phone.

• The game is divided in to 1 international and 31 national leagues and can be played in 24 different languages.

• ManagerLeague targets males aged 17 to 40, a group with a high consumption.

• The game can be played for free. The users can choose to buy credits for an improved gaming-experience.

How is it played?

• ManagerLeague runs two league-matches and two training-sessions every weekday.

• One season lasts four weeks.

• Twice a day, the game simulates 87,296 matches in 40 minutes. We could have simulated one full season in Premier League in less than 5 seconds!

• Users control their finances through the sale of tickets and income from stadium venues, in addition to player sales.

• Users develop and control their teams through training, friendly matches, training-camps, participation in cups, team set-ups, tactics and planning.

• ManagerLeague is easy to learn, but takes a lifetime to master.

To join please click here or any of the banners!