Manchester United’s Michael Carrick insists title race is wide open

Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick has declared that the Premier League title race is by no means just a two-horse race between United and Manchester City, saying that Chelsea still pose a massive threat to both teams title ambitions.

Both United and City have had perfect starts to the season, with the rivals equal on twelve points from four games.

However, despite Chelsea being written off by many of the game’s leading voices Carrick says such predictions are tempting fate.

“I don’t think it is a two-horse race by any means,” revealed Carrick. “We can’t get carried away with it just being us and City.”

He continued:

“If you remember the start Chelsea had last season, everyone said they were going to win it. Obviously that didn’t happen.”

The midfielder added that United are keeping their feet firmly on the ground:

“We are playing well and we are top of the league. But we still respect the other teams for the threat they pose to us.”

United face Chelsea today and Carrick is expecting a difficult game: “It is a dangerous game but we are not scared, just as I am sure they won’t be scared of us,”

“Whatever happens, they will be up there challenging. I am sure of that.”

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