Manchester United boss slammed down on Evra case

Patrice Evra claims he thought about leaving Manchester United last summerSir Alex Ferguson has been ordered by the Football Association that he cannot comment on Patrice Evra’s racism claims.
Manchester United manager Fergie revealed earlier this week that Evra was eager to pursue his allegations against Liverpool’s Luis Suarez, which he made imminently after United’s 1-1 draw at Anfield last Saturday.

Investigations have now been opened by the FA, as they spoke to Evra on Thursday, however during the whole period of the case, Ferguson was ordered not to speak.
Meanwhile, Kop boss Kenny Dalglish has been able to speak freely, confirming that Liverpool are 100% behind Suarez, whilst Fergie has been forced to keep his mouth shut, resulting in a mass amount of irritation.

“The FA interviewed Patrice yesterday and have sent us a directive today saying not to discuss it while the investigation is going on,” revealed Ferguson on Friday.
“I have got plenty to say on the subject, but I suppose I will have to adhere to what they are saying.

“I would like to say something about Pat in this particular instance, but let them get on with their investigation.”
The FA refused to confirm on the situation or how long the investigations will take.

However it looks likely that the governing body will now ask to speak to Suarez on his views of the events, before they attempt to come to an accurate conclusion of what happened.

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